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Bradfordville Blues Club

Bradfordville Blues ClubBradfordville Blues ClubBradfordville Blues ClubBradfordville Blues Club

The Location

Map to Bradfordville Blues Club

Starting from Exit 203 at the intersection of Thomasville Rd (Hwy. 319) and I-10, go North on Thomasville Rd. approximately 4.5 miles to Bradfordville Road. Turn right onto Bradfordville Rd. and drive 3 miles to Sam's Lane. Look for the Bradfordville Blues Club sign on the right, there should be a lit tiki torch next to the sign. Turn right onto Sam's lane. It is a dirt road that at times is a bit rough but is always passable. Just take it slow and easy, it's not very long. Bear left at the fork in the road. Bradfordville Blues Club just a bit further on up the road at the top of the hill.

7152 Moses Lane
Tallahassee, FL, 32309
(850) 906-0766